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65 days ago

Can the A-League persuade fans to look up from their phones?

There’s a perfect storm brewing in the world of professional sport and the A-League has been one of the first competitions in Australia to feel the full effect. Here’s a question: what device are you reading this column on? Because if you’re like me and you’ve got places to be and things to do on […]
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65 days ago

Sydney FC unfazed by possible stadium delays

Sydney FC should have every reason to be concerned about the breakdown in negotiations that left the NSW government with a demolished stadium and no developer to complete the job of rebuilding Allianz Stadium.
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68 days ago

Marketing the A-League is a step in the right direction

The news that clubs are planning to actually market the A-League this year is a welcome development for a competition that has wasted the last few seasons. Actually doing something to advertise the A-League? Now there’s a novel idea! This season should be all about looking forward and not back into the past, but it’s […]
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69 days ago

Big break for hot-stepping Jet

Big break for hot-stepping Jet

Promising Newcastle Jets and Australia under-23 winger Joe Champness has shelved his soccer ambitions to target a musical goal in the United States.
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